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About the College Gymnastics Club at Santa Cruz

Hey Students, Staff, Faculty, Alumni!!! Are you interested in gymnastics? Do you want to learn some new gymnastics skills, improve the ones you already have, or even just work out on gymnastics equipment? This club is for you!

The College Gymnastics Club is a competitive gymnastics team open to students, staff, faculty, and alumni of any Santa Cruz College that are interested. The purpose of the club is to organize the sport of gymnastics within the Santa Cruz community through regular workouts, skill development, and friendly competition with other clubs and universities. We offer a fun and collegiate environment, where members have the opportunity to meet new friends and learn new skills.

      The club strives to create a competitive program, but one that is set in a fun and recreational atmosphere. Workouts are fun and supportive, with team members working hard towards strength conditioning, skill development, and routine construction on all of the competitive events. There's really no better workout than what you can get here.

      The team is entirely student run. Officers are elected annually, who carry out the organization’s leadership roles in conjunction with quarterly membership meetings. Even workouts are peer-led, with the more experienced members helping out the newer ones. With something for everyone, no one is ever short of a challenging workout.

    Currently, club members practice at Ohana Gymnastics, one of the local gym clubs in town. It is renowned as one of the state's best gymnastics facilities with some of the best equipment available including all of the competitive apparatuses, trampolines, tumble track, tumbling strips, a rod floor, and plenty of carpet-bonded foam areas. Some of the state's most experienced coaching staff are based out of the gym. It is the ideal place to both learn new skills and train as an athlete.

      While many of our members have a background in gymnastics, the club loves to encourage students with little or no experience at all. There are no try-outs, and new members, both men and women, may join at any time throughout the year. We encourage participation, and this keeps the program available to everyone who’s interested.

     The club is active the entire academic year, and competes through the National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs. New members do not need to be intimidated by competition, as meets consists of a mix of both advanced gymnasts and beginners, many of whom have never tried the sport before. Meets are are really "just for fun". (i.e. One meet is done entirely in Halloween costumes.)

          We invite you to come workout with us, and strongly encourage anyone who's ever been interested to consider membership.

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